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School Site Council

Whether receiving federal or state compensatory education funds or both, must provide for parent and teacher involvement in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the school program for economically disadvantaged students and for limited English proficient students, students in special education, and gifted and talented students. Schools with School Improvement funds must ensure that all interested persons have an opportunity to participate in the SSC. These programs are supplemental to the District’s instructional program.


  • The SSC shall develop and approve the SPSA in consultation with all stakeholders, with the review, certification and advice of any applicable school advisory committee (EC 64001).
  • The SSC shall write and develop a Comprehensive School Safety Plan (SSP) relevant to the needs and resources of that particular school (EC 35294.1(b) (1).
  • Schools with Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) funding incorporate QEIA matters as part of SSC responsibilities.
  • The SSC shall receive the necessary training annually to enable it to carry out its responsibilities to develop, monitor, and modify the plan and the budget (EC 64001).
  • The school principal shall have the responsibility for the proper function of the SSC.
  • The SSC is a decision making council.


At the Elementary level, the council shall be constituted to ensure parity. Half the membership shall be constituted by: the principal, classroom teachers and other (school personnel staff side component). Classroom teachers are a majority of the staff side. The other half shall be constituted by: parents and/or other community members elected by parents --parent side--(EC 52852). The membership of the council shall be no fewer than ten members.
2023-2024 SSC Members:
Chairperson: Nancy Rivera
Vice-Chairperson: Steven Andrade 
Secretary:  Kristin Aguirre
Parent and Community Members:  Anna Chiang, Vincent Ruiz Manzo, Elizabeth Bagger Magness, Nancy Rivera, Jasmine Ramos, Guadalupe Arriaga, and Susan Martinez

SSC Meeting 

Parents we need your support at these meetings. Please make a note of the above scheduled meetings. If you are part of the committee, your attendance is imperative. Meetings will be cancelled if quorum is not met, that is less than ½ members/parents, and less than ½ staff members.
Make an effort to participate at these meetings. Parental Involvement is the key to success. If you need further assistance regarding the above meetings please contact the Comp. Ed. Office at (323) 887-3137 and speak to the Intervention Facilitator.